Tax Grievances

For Nassau County Residents: Tax grievance deadline has been extended to April 30, 2019

is your home valued properly? If the market value of your residence is valued for less (the towns indicated value), you are eligible for a tax reduction.

Property Assessments are based on a percentage of “market value” defined as the most probable price which a property would bring in a competitive and open market.

The market value of your property, based on the Town Assessor’s estimate,  is often found on  your property tax bill.

The foundation to proving your grievance is a recent purchase or appraisal.  

A certified appraisal will provide a credible benchmark to check the accuracy of the counties’ value.

Paul Dyckes has been providing real property valuations for residences and businesses for  years throuought  Nassau and Suffolk, helping homeowners and local commercial business owners save money in taxes.  An independent  appraisal, completed as of the date of valuation, provides you the ammunition to make your case, and potentially lower your  taxes for subsequent  years.


 How to challenge Assessment:

  • Hire an attorney or engage a tax reduction firm 
  • Protest  yourself

Process is simple:

  • Visit your towns website and print the grievance form
  • engage a local, experienced  appraiser to perform a property valuation.

For grievance procedures and forms, visit the towns website or stop your local assessor for further information. The step-by-step instructions are available on line The assessors office is their to assist you in completing the form.

Benefits of completing the grievance yourself:

  • No contract
  • 100% savings
  • Appraisal fee starting at $395.

 Remember, in Suffolk County grievance day is the 3rd Tuesday in May., The valuation date is July 1, or the prior year.