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If you are planning to sell your home, it might be a wise decision to make a small investment in a professional appraisal. Unless you study real estate values on a day to day basis, like a professional appraiser does, it's difficult for you to get a handle on real estate values. 

According to NAR’s most recent Realtor® Confidence Index, when reporting about their last contract that went into settlement or was terminated over the period January–March 2016, 27 percent had delayed settlement, and seven percent were terminated; of the 27 percent delayed, 18 percent were because of appraisal issues, and of the 7 percent terminated, 5 percent were the result of appraisal problems.

A pre listing appraisal provides peace of mind. The market value produced by a credible 3rd party appraiser, provides a benchmark, or value that a bank underwriter will make a loan commitment on.
Taking this step is a proactive approach to avoid pitfalls after contract and will ultimately save you the homeowner, time and money, facilitating a smoother sale.

Of course a realtor can provide a Comparative market analysis or CMA for free, but the agent is interested in obtaining a listing. It may be in your best interest to have an unbiased appraisal providing the following benefits:
• Eliminate the unknown and find out the true value
• Save time, hassles, facilitating a smoother transaction
• Provide a benchmark which can be used as a negotiating tool with a potential buyer
• Decrease chances of contract delays due to appraisal issues

A pre listing appraisal reports start at $295. For a small investment, you gain a lot of knowledge.